Some visual elements must be put into consideration when designing your website. These elements will ensure all your components are working fine. Here is an overview of the elements.


The arrangement of your web content will impact the functionality and the usability of your website. While there are no rules when choosing a layout, you need to consider your target audience’s needs.

Written Copy

Ideally, the look of your website and the text copy on it should go concurrently. It is crucial to make sure your written copy compliments your images and graphics.

Images and Icons

Choosing the right images and icons will strengthen and support your written copy.


Select fonts that can compliment your entire design; graphics, images, color scheme, and that will strengthen your site’s total look.


Using striking shapes in web design can improve your website’s overall appearance. This will increase visitors’ attention to various designs on your site.


Try to understand color psychology so you can concentrate on colors that match your website. Aligning the proper color scheme with your brand gives your site a remarkable look.


Using whitespace appropriately is vital in creating designs that flawlessly balance graphics, texts, and images.

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