One of the most appealing aspects of choosing web design as a career is that you can work from home. As a freelance designer, you can take on the assignments you are interested in and complete them in your own home office. This removes the need to commute every day, working for the same company, day in, day out, and perhaps having no say in the final product. Of course, working for yourself does require discipline, as it is all too easy to be distracted.

Creating a Comfortable Workspace

It may be tempting just to sit on the sofa with your laptop, but that may make it feel as though you are doing something for fun. You need to set up a professional office space to encourage you to take it seriously and realize that this is how you make money. That doesn’t mean it has to look austere and dull; you can add a couple of house plants and utilize the app to understand how to look after them.

Taking Care of Your Surroundings

Even though you are working from home, your client may wish to speak with you at some point, or you might want to ask further questions or discuss your progress so far. A popular method of communication is through the likes of Zoom. One of the downsides is that your caller can see your background, so it needs to look well-kept. Make sure your plants are thriving and that you have set up a watering schedule through the app. Dead plants do not look professional!

Take a Break

A typical office job runs on set hours, such as 9 am to 5 pm. At home, you can choose your own hours, which is helpful if you are a night owl, for example. However, you can be tempted to work longer and lose track of time. You need to take a break every few hours and do something completely different. Perhaps you could study the Planta app and learn something new about your indoor plants.

Working from home as a freelance designer requires discipline and commitment but is worth it in the end.