For the vast majority of businesses, their website is the first contact that most potential customers and employees have with them. This means that it needs to reflect a company’s values and very quickly explain the value that it can offer to potential customers. It also means that the website cannot operate in isolation from the rest of the business. Any changes that are made within the company need to be quickly reflected on the website.

This means that having a team dedicated to looking after the website that is able to quickly make changes as they are required is very important. New content can also have a positive impact on a company’s Google Ranking thanks to the fresh pages that will constantly be generated.

Getting the message out

The first step to making a website amendment due to a company change is to ensure that it is communicated quickly and effectively to all staff. Services such as make it simple for any managers to share important information with colleagues across the business. These can come in the form of articles, short comments or documents that are uploaded to the intranet service. It’s also possible to. use the service to share branded content, articles and other information that should be uploaded to the company’s online portal.

Making the website changes

The next step is for the business to ensure that they have a straightforward process for making a website update. Content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla can make this very easy as they allow the website management team to use templates and repeating blocks to build pages. This helps to keep content consistent and make updates quickly.

From a design perspective, the use of blocks and templated pages ensure that pages can be created quickly while complying with a company’s brand guidelines. It’s even possible to populate these blocks with default text to ensure compliance with the brand’s tone of voice guidelines and other brand standards.

These platforms also stamp any new pages with a date of publication. This is very important for businesses that are worried about search engine optimization and improving their rankings on platforms such as Google and Bing.

All of these steps can help companies to communicate more effectively with their teams and the wider world – getting important messages out quickly and consistently. All of this is incredibly important in an increasingly brand-obsessed world.